Making memories with the Queen’s Award

A note from Sesui’s Chairman

riki-sesui-shot-v2My career as a company Chairman has afforded me a number of fond memories; one such moment that has stuck with me for many years was during another life in 1985, when I was a part of the sportswear world. I remember visiting a company on business in order to speak with the MD and, as I was waiting to be seen, becoming quite star struck by a picture of the very man I was about to meet shaking hands with the Queen! Who exactly was this man, I remember wondering. As it turned out, the picture was of him collecting a Queen’s Award.

Now, 30-plus years on, I’m incredibly proud and humbled that Sesui has been honoured with this very same award within the Innovation category. Regarded as the UK’s highest accolade for business success, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise not only shows that we are achieving great things, but when I think to that moment more than three decades ago, I realise it also places us in the very same position of responsibility to inspire individuals and indeed the industry. Of course, the ability to innovate has always been at the heart of Sesui; since establishing it in 2003, it has never just been about developing technology, but about the ability to know and understand where improvements can be made, and to only then apply those technological facets to the creation of a solution.

Inclusion is a theme that underpins all of the companies I involve myself in, whether that’s commercial businesses or charitable and community based organisations, the aim is always to be inclusive and work with the communities they service and support. From my early days of operating within the telecommunications sector, experience told me that we could develop something special with Sesui by following the inclusion principle. The starting point was control of our own destiny, and the development of our in-house i-Platform has been fundamental in giving us the ability to work with our customers and innovate around their needs, with their input, regardless of the size of the organisation we are working with.

In the last few years, Sesui has gone from strength to strength and I’m delighted to see this philosophy of inclusion has remained at the company’s very core and one that our whole team sticks by. Together I’m full of pride for what we have achieved so far; it’s my hope that the recognition, and indeed validation, of winning the Queen’s Award will inspire the rest of the industry to take the next step too, and prove to companies still living in the old, traditional technological world that it’s safe, necessary and financially viable to adopt cloud technologies.

Riki Samuel is the Chairman and Founder of Sesui.

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