Let’s talk about the S word…

Or more appropriately, SNOWMAGEDDON.

Did you have to apologise to your customers, or were you prepared for The Beast from the East? How many snow days did your employees need to take because the weather was bad, public transport wasn’t working or it just took forever to get in? Or like us, did you choose to close the office? Now, for a moment, consider how that affected your organisation?

Many of the big Banks tried to manage customer expectations around waiting times by sending SMS’ explaining how The Beast From The East was affecting their resourcing levels. They had the safety of their colleagues at heart. And they weren’t the only ones. Countless organisations were in the same boat, costing the UK economy an estimated £1bn. But did they even need to be in the boat at all?

If you’re running a manufacturing plant, or you can’t get your High Street shop open, or the delivery guys just can’t get through, chances are you are in the boat. Sorry. But in vast parts of the service sector and in contact centres… a little flexibility goes a long way.

 What’s stopping you from putting flexible working in place so that whatever the weather, you don’t have to send that email to your customers saying “sorry”? We can put your phone system in the cloud, rather than on a fixed desk, with our virtual contact centre. By mobilising your workforce to work anywhere anytime, you can keep that vital connection open with your customers. All your employees need to do, is log on through the Sesui App, allowing them to make and receive calls over our secure network, using any device they choose: a landline, mobile, laptop or tablet. Much more efficient than a duvet day!

If you’re worried about the risk of change, having to rip everything out and throw it away, that setting up a virtual contact centre will take forever, or that you won’t have visibility of what your teams are doing… don’t. We believe in evolution, not revolution. We don’t rip and replace – our virtual contact centre simply sits on top of what you’ve already got. And it’s hardware agnostic, which means it’s compatible with all systems. We can get a contact centre up and running in days, even minutes – not weeks and months. And our live reporting means you can see how your teams are performing at any given moment.

If you want to talk to me about how this could work for you, please give me a call on 03445 600 600. We relish a challenge, so even if you think it’s too hard, I’m certain we can find a way to make it happen.

Lee Bryant

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