Jai Medical to add 5,000 extra patient appointments a year thanks to the cloud

We’ve been banging the drum for our healthcare campaign that explores how cloud communications is helping GPs and clinicians to work remotely, whilst joining up primary care providers to deliver integrated care. Based on our research with UK doctors, as well as input from GPs, our clients and experts from across the NHS (including NHS England), the campaign included:

• A Special Report exploring flexible working through the cloud
• A vodcast roundtable and 1-2-1 interviews
• Coverage of our research across key media
• Endorsements from experts in the field including Dr Simon Abrams, Chair of Urgent Health UK and Mr Ian Sharp, CEO of Digital Health Enterprise Zone

A key story to emerge from the campaign is our work with Jai Medical Centre in the last decade. The brief from Jai Medical was to:
1. Help its five surgeries join up more effectively as “one team” with the installation of 50 VoIP phones across 5 sites
2. Empower its GPs to work remotely, offering patients extended hours
3. Help it answer patient calls even faster, striving to meet rigorous QR8 targets set for out-of-hours and emergency providers
You can read the full case study here. But if you’re short on time, here’s how the story goes…

Jai Medical originally operated with a limited number of phone lines, with patient calls handled on a first come, first serve basis. With receptionists dealing with up to six calls a minute at peak times, Jai Medical realised the current system was unsustainable. So in 2009 Jai Medical adopted Sesui Cloud Call Manager and gained access to an infinite number of lines into its surgeries. Since then, Practice Manager Suresh Vaghela says: “we can now see that we’ve reduced our abandonment rate by 20% and are answering 75% of patient calls within 60 seconds.”

In 2017, the Practice then adopted our Virtual Contact Centre, allowing it to focus five specialist call handlers on getting the calls answered across its five surgeries. Now when patients phone the surgeries, they receive a welcome message and queue updates so they always know what’s happening with their call. And if one surgery’s busy, patients are automatically sent through to another surgery, where the receptionist hears a whisper message down the line telling them where the patient’s call is coming from. More than just answering a call the right way, it means all of the surgeries can join up and provide a seamless patient journey.

Finally, as a London practice, Jai Medical wanted to extend flexible phone access to commuters. “At least 90% of our GPs are working parents
, so we had to think outside the box on how we could give them a better work life balance, while addressing unmet patient needs,” Mr Vaghela said. As a result, Jai Medical is now looking into offering phone appointments to patients once a week between 8pm and 10pm; two extra hours a week that their GPs would cover from home using Sesui’s Virtual Contact Centre. It amounts to 5,000 extra patient appointments a year, with calls securely and automatically recorded over the NHS N3 / HSCN network, and later accessible alongside the electronic patient record.

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