Future of Urgent & Emergency Care Services Conference

Sesui recently sponsored and presented at the Inside Government conference on ‘The Future of Urgent and Emergency Care Service.

Held at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on the 2nd July 2014 the focal point of the conference was the misuse of hospital emergency departments in the UK, which according to Healthwatch England 2014, has risen by nearly 50% in recent years. With this in mind the conference examined the need to achieve highly responsive, effective and personalised care services out of hospitals for patients with non-life threatening needs.

The agenda emphasised the importance of commissioning local services that will reduce hospital admissions and explored the differing models in place to manage demand in a cost effective manner, the need for time critical intervention by measuring outcomes and calibrating systems and the sustainability of the workforce in order to improve quality and raise standards.

Sesui’s presentation gave insight into the role telephony plays within this arena and its ability to transform Urgent and Emergency care by:

  • Providing a true single point of access that can efficiently signpost to the right care option, supporting a simplified healthcare journey for patients and a more measureable service for the healthcare provider
  • Delivering flexible working options enabling the clinical workforce to be mobile and location independent, increasing both their availability and productivity – bring the technology to them rather than them to the technology
  • Supporting collaborative working practices enabling Federations/Communities to pool resources, enhance local services and deliver economies of scale
  • Enabling the provision of additional and complimentary services, without the associated increase in personnel and cost
  • Reducing duplication and administration tasks with easy access to information, such as call recording, with seamless integration to patient management systems to aid auditing and compliance
  • Informing the decision making process with comprehensive call reporting – understand the patient experience before they tell you, gain visibility of call flows BEFORE reaching your organisation, and forward plan using real demand and capacity data

View the Sesui’s presentation in full, Role of Telephony in Transforming Care

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