I need to make more of my retail footprint

In retail, customer loyalty is hard to win, but easy to lose. The more retailers can do to improve customer care, offering support from their local stores, the better. We’re seeing more and more retailers using intelligent call routing to connect customers to their local high street store. By determining their location and needs (even before the call is answered), retailers are able to connect callers to their nearest store, and in many cases, sort out the problem more quickly and efficiently than if the caller had gone through to a centralised contact centre. More than that, this approach allows retailers to tap into the frontline experience of store colleagues during quiet periods. Here’s more on our intelligent Call Routing.

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“Sesui immediately took us from an 11% missed call average, down to just 2%. We can now report on 100% of calls and have a wealth of call metrics to make intelligent decisions when it comes to staffing, as well as which areas or brands are best suited to take the calls.”

Operations Director,
Flight Centre UK