I’m going through Digital Transformation

Digital now permeates every part of business, just as it has steadily transformed everyday life. In fact by 2020 Gartner predicts that 75% of businesses will be a digital business or preparing to become one. Everyone might be jumping on the digital transformation bandwagon, but not everyone understands what it’s all about. What digital transformation isn’t, is just about technology. It’s about the necessity of transforming how the business operates in order to support a company’s strategic priorities. Digital is HOW you get there.

This sort of change is rarely straightforward and almost never easy. It’s a major undertaking; legacy hardware and software systems that can’t be abandoned, deciding on which tools and technologies to implement, and of course, needing to disrupt virtually every line of the business. With so much to think about it’s easy to lose sight of the customer.

We help you stay connected with your customers throughout the upheaval of business transformation by overlaying our award winning Cloud Call Manager software onto your existing processes. It means that anyone calling you will receive the same seamless and engaging experience across a number of channels, from phone, video and email to SMS. And the system is there once you come out the other side with the cloud’s elasticity enabling you to flex your communications in line with company growth. This, along with a rapidly growing suite of readily available applications that you can run anywhere and anytime, make the cloud vital to future proofing your business.

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“Our customers don’t care where the team is based. All they want to know is that we’re committed to supporting all of our European territories. And thanks to the Sesui Virtual Contact Centre, we’re able to give our customers the service they expect, in their own language.”

Timothy Raemdonck
Technical Services Manager
– Brady EMEA