Uniting Out-Of-Hours Providers As One Team

Watch how Sesui connects the phone systems of all the staff involved in the provision of out-of-hours and urgent care services, regardless of their location.

Integrated Urgent Care

Sesui Urgent Care Connect brings the team together, across multiple sites and disciplines, uniting all of the services with a single solution. With Urgent Care Connect, patient calls are routed to the right service for their specific needs, swiftly and accurately every time, irrespective of time of day. This lightens demand on frontline staff across all providers, improves system efficiency and directs patients to the care they need more quickly.

Flexible Working, Flexible Service

Give your clinicians the freedom to securely connect with patients on a phone or video triage call, from any device, in any location…then watch your talent pool grow.

The physical Issue of having clinicians go to a call centre goes back to how they were set up. But it’s all changing. By removing the physical boundaries of being in the call centre, we not only maximise the workforce we have but also tap into other specialised skills that we couldn’t before.

Dr Sam Shah, Director of Digital Development, NHS England

Case Study – Integrated Urgent Care

Take a look at how FedBucks is using Sesui Out-of-Hours Connect to deliver urgent care to their patients.

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An Efficient Out-of-Hours Service

Sesui’s smart contact centre technology is designed to match the way healthcare works.
Every call is recorded and can be integrated into the patient record, whether clinicians are onsite or working remotely, at any time and in any location.

The result, patients receive help faster, and the same conversations don’t have to happen twice…keeping more patients out of A&E.

Free Consultation

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