Sesui’s solutions can be viewed from a CCG, STP & ICS level, enabling the range of organisations they control and influence, to balance existing pressures, smooth out the peaks and troughs of patient demand, and ultimately provide a better quality of care for communities.

See consolidated data across the region

The true benefits of GP Practices coming together are realised when practices are able to flow calls and patient requests across different sites, share resources and smooth out the peaks in demand. Based in the cloud, Sesui Practice Connect integrates with existing phone systems, overcoming traditional obstacles of incompatibility, enabling them all to connect seamlessly. This approach allows CCGs, STPs, and ICSs to see consolidated data on performance, with local operations maintaining the sovereignty of their supplier, and so, no need to buy out existing supplier contracts.

Relieve pressure on GPs through flexible working

With Sesui, work becomes something that clinicians do, rather than a place they have to be. We make it easy for clinicians to securely take and make calls from any device – desk phone, mobile, PC – in any location. Our services enable them to deliver extended and out-of-hours care from their own home, without exposing their personal numbers to patients. And with all calls made within the same system, every call is captured, logged and recorded as it would be within the practice.

Make your phone system work harder for staff & patients

By using smart network intelligence, Sesui Practice Connect is able to analyse the nature of each call before it’s answered, meaning you can prioritise critical incoming calls and answer them faster. This dramatically improves the patient experience, ensuring they’re quickly connected to the right person, while relieving the bottleneck on Reception and the surgery switchboard. What’s more, patients will never hear an engaged tone as the Sesui cloud offers no limit to the number of calls being managed.

Make extended and Out-of-Hours achievable

Finding the resource to fill out-of-hours rotas can be difficult, with clinicians reluctant to spend their evenings in a central call centre. But with Sesui GP Connect, clinicians are able to take and make calls from any device, giving them the flexibility to provide extended hours coverage from home. What’s more, calls can be automatically routed, based on date, time of day, and other criteria, allowing you to build flexible rotas and plan extended hours cover in advance.

Video consultations with the clinical resource you have

With Sesui, it’s easy to deliver on the contractual requirement to offer patients video consultations. We remove the need to outsource to third-parties or add yet another tool to your existing system. Instead we enable your practitioners to provide video consultations directly to patients, by simply sending them a link to their PC or mobile device. No specialist equipment, or additional login is required by either GP or patient, meaning video consultations can be conducted with the minimum of fuss.

Sesui Reporting

Understand patient demand and plan proactively

You know how many calls your practice telephone system receives each day, but do you know how many patients never get through? Sesui can show you the complete picture, giving you a full understanding of patient demands, including the number of calls received, peak call times and the average time taken to answer.

We can also provide this information in real-time, so you can quickly flex your resourcing when you need to.

Trust Sesui

Sesui are proud to have received our ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management certification following a comprehensive audit from the leading organisation in the field, BSI.

We’ve worked with the NHS for over 15 years counting many GP practices, Urgent Care providers and GP federations among our clients. As such, we understand the real-world challenges facing primary and urgent care and how the right communications tools can help.

If you’re in the public sector, you can purchase our solutions faster and more cost-effectively through the government’s G-Cloud framework, where we’re an approved Crown Commercial Supplier.

Crown commercial service approved

You can rest assured that we have: secure connections, devices and software; controlled access to our data; up-to-date devices; and full protection against viruses and other malware. All fully certified as part of the government’s Cyber Essentials scheme.

Cyber Essentials
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