The intention behind PCNs is to refocus services around the community, enabling sharing of resources, encouraging collaboration and providing access to new funding streams.

Sesui PCN Hub helps:

Respond to Patient Demand

Sesui Patient Connect enables you to respond to increasing patient demand at a Network level, rather than solely resting with the individual practices. Where appropriate you are able to automatically overflow calls across sites and resource pools during peak times based on the rules you define. You can deliver extended and out of hours services, with the ability to automatically route calls to the appropriate resource based on date and time.

Secure Remote Working

Sesui GP Connect frees clinicians from having to be physically present in the Surgery, enabling them to work where they want, and where their patients need them. GPs can conduct phone and video consultations, anytime, anywhere, on any device, (mobile, home phone, or PC) using our flexible and secure cloud software.

Maximise the use of fundings for FCPs

Sesui Physio Connect enables your PCN to be innovative in the way you introduce new network-wide services such as First Contact Practitioners (FCPs) by: introducing and gaining funding for shared FCPs across the PCN; route calls across the PCN automatically to the required FCP or shared service.

Physio Connect
Sesui Reporting

Managed Service

All the services that Sesui provides in the PCN Hub suite of services are fully managed, you get all of the capabilities of the technology, with the expertise to manage the complex and critical service of helping patients contact your PCN. We work to understand your needs and then configure your Hub to work the way you want to work. And once up and running,  we manage every part of the platform for you, there’s no need for you to have the necessary skills or resources in house.

Trust Sesui

If you’re in the public sector, you can purchase our solutions faster and more cost-effectively through the government’s G-Cloud 10 framework, where we’re an approved Crown Commercial Supplier.

Crown commercial service approved

Sesui are proud to have received our ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management certification following a comprehensive audit from the leading organisation in the field, BSI.

We’ve worked with the NHS for over 15 years counting many GP practices, Urgent Care providers and GP federations among our clients. As such, we understand the real-world challenges facing primary and urgent care and how the right communications tools can help.

You can rest assured that we have: secure connections, devices and software; controlled access to our data; up-to-date devices; and full protection against viruses and other malware. All fully certified as part of the government’s Cyber Essentials scheme.

Cyber Essentials
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