Providing Out-Of-Hours Care

We help join up multiple sites and multi-discipline teams through cloud telephony. Irrespective of where specific teams or individual clinicians are, we keep them connected to the colleagues and patients they need to be connected to. This enables your clinicians to work from home or, in case of a shortage of available team members, for calls to be routed to remote locums.
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Delivering remote care through integrated video

Our approach is to help clinicians provide patients with secure access to video,for remote visual diagnosis. These can be scheduled appointments or patient triage call-backs, 111 responses, or a flexible solution to delivering extended hours.
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Joining up Healthcare - How we helped FedBucks deliver Integrated Urgent Care

Case Study – Integrated Urgent Care

Take a look at how FedBucks is using Sesui Out-of-Hours Connect to deliver urgent care to their patients.

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