Video consultations are
crucial to clinician-patient interaction

Video calling applications may once have been predominantly limited to personal use or Enterprise level conference calling but Covid-19 has changed adoption irreversibly. Secure and remote video consultation has now become indispensable.

In healthcare, the gradual roll-out we all expected to happen has been rapidly accelerated, with healthcare organisations needing to find effective ways to enable their clinical teams to continue carrying out consultations, when neither the patient nor the clinicians can be on site.

Video consultations made as simply as a phone call

We believe that conducting a video consultation should be as easy as making a phone call. In our view, adding complexity adds barriers, both to clinicians working efficiently and the patient’s ability to use the service.

That’s why, with Sesui GP Connect, a video consultation can be carried out with no apps to download, no registration, and no logins, just a secure one-time link sent to the patient via email or text, giving them instant connection. In fact, it’s so seamless, clinicians can switch from a phone consultation to video mid-call. An essential option when a visual diagnosis is needed.

Face-to-face consultations in a click

The Sesui Video Consultation Application is accessed through a software licence. Using any laptop either at the surgery, on the move, or from home, the Sesui software allows the clinician to connect with the patient’s mobile phone.

Making the connection

Video consultations are initiated by invitation. By sending the patient a unique web-link via email or text, the patient can make a secure connection to the video consultation room, which will remain active until the clinician closes the session. Like systems adopted by UK banking, the invitation link is a ‘one time’ invite, and as such, if the patient fails to connect, the link will expire immediately.

Three simple steps to video consultation

In the NHS environment, having confidence in tools that bring simplicity to consultations rather than complexity is key.

The Sesui video consultation application couldn’t be simpler:

  • Step 1: Clinicians invite patients to a Video Consultation using a unique URL, via text to a mobile, or via email to any video enabled tablet or laptop;
  • Step 2: Once the patient has received the notification on their device, they simply click on the link to open the Video Consultation in their browser;
  • Step 3: The clinician and patient can then both control the camera to complete a visual diagnosis.

For the patient, there are:
No downloads
No passwords
No login details to remember

Integrated recording and reporting

With video operating as an integral part of the Sesui Cloud Communications service, there’s no need to track and report video usage separately. All calls can be routed, managed and reported in the same dataset as your organisations usage. Every video consultation can be recorded and accessed over an HSCN connection. This enables you to get a clear, comprehensive view of video / phone demand and make accurate predictions about future usage & scheduling.

Video Consultations Datasheet

Explore how Sesui make remote video consultations robust, secure and GP and patient-friendly.

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