Video appointments that are as simple as a phone call

We don’t think that conducting a video consultation should be any more complicated than making a phone call. In our eyes, adding complexity just adds barriers to GPs working efficiently, and to patients’ willingness to use the service.
That’s why, with Sesui GP Connect, conducting a video consultation can be done with no apps to download, no registration, just a secure, one-time link sent to the patient via email or text, and they’re connected, instantly. In fact, it’s so seamless, GPs can switch from a phone consultation to video mid-call with no interruption. A valuable option when a visual diagnosis is needed.

Face-to-face consultation in a click

Unlike alternative video options, with Sesui you remain in control of patient care and patient relationship – there’s no additional integrations, so there’s no risk of data loss, and all video consultations are delivered over the same HSCN connection as your phone and GP system. With no access granted to 3rd party apps, and no additional sign-ups forced on your patients, they can rest assured that their data remains safe.

Manage repeat appointments remotely and free up surgery time

Repeat appointments can be a challenge for GPs, admin staff and patients themselves. They are often booked up weeks in advance, leaving patients unable to get the speed of treatment required, and block time that could otherwise be used for more urgent cases. Managing such appointments remotely, via video relieves the disruption for patients travelling to the surgery and enables GPs to make such appointments outside of normal hours.

Integrated reporting

With video operating as an integral part of your phone system, there’s no need to track and report video usage separately.  All calls can be routed, managed and reported in the same dataset as phone usage.  This enables you to get a clear, comprehensive view of video / phone demand and make accurate predictions about future usage & scheduling.

Video consultations for GPs

Learn how Sesui GP Connect allows practices to easily add video consultations, through their phone system

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“63% of patients, across all age groups, would be willing to use video for at least some appointments”

Four big technological trends, Sophie Castle-Clarke, Kings Fund

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