Harley Street concierge deploys N3 connected Sesui to centrally manage remote call centre agents and ensure heightened patient experience

22nd June 2016: Sesui, the intelligent cloud-based telephony and contact centre innovator, is enabling Harley Street Concierge, a leading provider of healthcare navigation services, to securely monitor and improve the patient experience provided by its geographically dispersed network of call centre agents using the Sesui Virtual Contact Centre solution.

The UK’s top personalised private cancer support services provider, Harley Street Concierge helps patients suffering with cancer to access the most appropriate doctors, testing and treatment they might otherwise be unaware of or unable to organise. Call centre agents are the first point of contact with Harley Street Concierge and play a vital role in setting the standard for the quality of service and support patients will come to receive.

Stuart Lees, Head of Operations, Harley Street Concierge, comments: “Given the sensitive nature of our calls, the manner in which call centre agents interact with our patients and their professionalism when communicating our services, is of upmost importance. With agents located all over the UK however, it was crucial for us to implement a method of call recording that could be used independent of location and across both mobile and land lines.

“The Sesui Virtual Contact Centre solution provides us with a cloud-based platform to record calls regardless of our agents’, or indeed our patients’, locations, so that we can assess and act on areas of improvement to our customer service.”

As a relatively new company established in 2012, the NHS secure N3 network that the Sesui automated call recording feature operates over was a crucial factor in implementing the technology. “Introducing call recording might sound simple, but first and foremost we have a responsibility to our patients to ensure their data and medical notes remain secure; only with an IGSoC compliant telephony provider such as Sesui could we begin exploring call management opportunities,” says Stuart.

The ability to demonstrate compliance provides reassurance not only to Harley Street Concierge customers but also to partnering consultancy services. “We were recently audited by one of the world’s leading providers of health and wellness broking and consultancy services. Having the Sesui platform in place has helped start a dialogue with them about client referrals to us,” Stuart explains. “Without solutions such as the Sesui platform to demonstrate our compliance, it’s unlikely that we would otherwise be in a position for them to comfortably sign patients over to us at this early stage of our business.”

Just as the telephone is fundamental to the customer support offered by Harley Street Concierge, Sesui’s unique approach to cloud-based telephony, call recording and call management provision is itself only possible through strong customer service. “The team at Sesui have dedicated themselves to ensuring we get the most from the platform, and we are already exploring other ways of utilising its capabilities,” Stuart concludes.


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