Field-Based Specialists

More and more, routine customer service requests are handled on web or voice based self-service channels. So when your customers do call, you know it’s important.

We help you quickly resolve time critical and complex customer issues, by giving your specialist employees and remote agents the freedom to work anywhere at anytime, at home or on the road, so that when face-to-face conversation’s needed, they can make it happen.

Home Working or Remote Agents

We remove the physical boundaries, while preserving the efficiencies of a professional contact centre.

As a cloud-based solution, we can support customer service agents in any location. That way, you can maintain your central teams while benefiting from greater resourcing flexibility to handle peaks in demand, or in providing out-of-hours service from agents or specialists at home.

Always In Touch

In the contact centre, or on the road, with Sesui there’s no compromise in how your specialist colleagues connect with your customers.

Sesui Field Agent Connect means agents in the field are never out of contact with your office teams, as every customer interaction is not only visible on a tabbed dashboard that the whole team sees, but is also integrated into your CRM.

Free Consultation

The quickest way to understand how Sesui can help you, is to talk with one of our consultants. Simply complete the form and we’ll be in touch.

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