Cloud Contact Centre

Whether your customer services team is in a contact centre, or operates across various functions within your company, we help you connect every customer call to the right person, the first time.

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Connected Field Service

The right expert to help a customer is not always sat at a desk waiting for the next call — they're out and about delivering service. In an increasing world of self service, sometimes when it’s complicated or critical, only in-person customer service will do.

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Multi-Channel Customer Service

Whether a customer gets in touch by phone, email or SMS, the speed and way you respond to them needs to be consistent. We can help you connect with your customers however they prefer.

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Secure Payment Service

If you need to take payments from customers over the phone, we can help you to do this in a secure and PCI DSS compliant way.

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Supervisor Connect

Sesui Supervisor Connect helps contact centre managers and supervisors monitor and manage all their traffic, so you can support your agents, and run a more efficient contact centre.

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Wallboard Connect

Being able to make the right decisions, at the right time, is critical to successful contact centre management. That’s only possible with fast access to accurate data.

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