Sesui Christmas Freeze

In preparation for the approaching Christmas and New Year period could you please note the following in relation to your services supported on the Sesui systems.

To ensure we continue to provide high levels of customer service and appropriately manage risk over the festive period we are proposing to cease making any changes to existing services or build new services between the following dates and times – other than emergency changes, from Wednesday 19 December 2018 18:00 and return to normal on Monday 7 January 2018 09:00. Any instructions received before 18:00 Wednesday 19 December 2018 with action required for the Christmas & New Year period will be processed and completed as normal.

Over the Christmas period (25th to 26th December) and New Year period (1st January) customers who have 24 x 7 support contracts and / or specific out-of-hours support contracts will be able to contact Sesui Customer Support via the normal support telephone number for the reporting of service faults. Please note that during these periods the Sesui support email address will not be monitored. For customers who do not have 24 x 7 support contracts or specific out-of-hours support contracts service faults can be reported (via the Sesui Customer Support telephone number) upon acceptance of the stated time and material charge. Please note that support during these periods will only be provided for service faults and not for service modifications and / or late notice service availability changes.

For clarity, during the period 18:00 Wednesday 19 December 2018 through 09:00 Monday 7 January 2019 Sesui will not action any of the following until the end of the freeze period:

  • Any new service / feature additions to existing plans
  • Any new service builds
  • Any changes to existing plans, except to maintain service in the event of a fault
  • The creation of new users – both telephony and MIS users
  • The move of any existing users
  • The modification of service open / close times
  • The loading and assignment of any new messaging, except to maintain service in the event of a fault

For clarity – any of the above instructions, received during the period 19 December 2018 to 8 January 2019 will be stored and action taken once the freeze period has been lifted at 09:00 9 January 2018.

We understand that your working arrangements are likely to be different during the Christmas and New Year period.

Could we please request that you advise us of your requirements as soon as possible, using the email address and labelling your email – 2018 CHRISTMAS / 2019 NEW YEAR REQUIREMENTS.

Please note that the deadline for advising us of your planned working arrangements over this period will be 18:00 on Wednesday 19 December 2018. Action on any instructions received after this date will not be completed.

Your understanding and cooperation with the above would be gratefully appreciated.

Call us: 03445 600 600