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19th September 2018

Jai Memorial for #teamsiobhan

In 2012, our client and friends, Vidya Patel and Suresh Vaghela established the Jai Memorial Invitational Golf Tournament in memory of their son Jai Vaghela (1988 – 2007), who was diagnosed with a brain tumour at the age of two. Jai was a very brave and special boy, and someone we’re incredibly proud to honour each year at the tournament, which raises funds for charities that were connected to Jai’s care, or that help brighten the lives of children living with serious illnesses. This year we were all very proud to come together to raise vital funds for: the Hearts of Oak – the Oak Lodge School Foundation, a school for children with learning disabilities; the inaugural Jai Memorial Junior Golf Tournament to promote amateur sport; and to support a little girl called Siobhan.

At the age of two, Siobhan Margaret Mather was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer, Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Just 100 children will receive this diagnosis in the UK each year. Like Jai, Siobhan is bravely taking this terrible disease in her stride. She’s undergone various treatments in the UK, but to further her chances of a full recovery, she needs a vaccine that’s only available in America. Her parents are trying to raise £400,000 to make it happen, and have so far raised half of what’s needed.

So last month, we all teed off in Hertfordshire, raising £5,754 to support these fantastic charities, and importantly, #TeamSiobhan. If you’re reading this and are touched by Jai or Siobhan’s story, then it’s not too late to show your support too at

15th March 2018

Let’s talk about UNICORNS…

Yes, that’s correct… unicorns.

Or better still… mermaids and centaurs. Or for that matter, omniagents. Yes, omniagents; the most mythical creature of all. That one contact centre agent with the linguistic ability to be a gifted email writer, snappy Tweeter, capable call agent and vibrant video agent – all at the same time. You’d be correct in thinking they’re not just rare; they’re fictitious. And I’m afraid we’d have to agree.

Omnichannel has been a buzzword for a few years now, but in asking agents to do it all, we’re asking for the impossible – omniagents. We’re seeking unicorns. The reality is that contact centres need to evolve into customer experience hubs where no one agent is expected to do it all. Instead, specialised agents work together sharing data and insights, often remotely, to provide a more personalised 24-7 customer experience.

Here are our top five tips to ensure you’re not relying on a mythical workforce to deliver your omnichannel strategy:

1. Know your customers
2. Know your business
3. Know your agents
4. Be flexible
5. See the big picture

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15th January 2018

NHS experts recommend flexible working through the cloud to reduce NHS pressures

The “winter crisis” is once again front-page news. But for all the heart wrenching stories – the reams and reams of bad news – our hardworking NHS teams still get out of bed every day and head to work. Into that pressure cooker environment that’s at best described as “unprecedented”, at worst, like a “warzone”. We can’t all do what our NHS teams do, but we can all recognise them and show our appreciation. And that’s why hashtags like #thanksnhsstaff are gaining momentum. But even more than saying thanks, at Sesui we also want to be part of the solution.

We’ve spent the best part of 14 years working with teams across the NHS to explore how cloud technology can transform ways of working and ultimately provide a better patient journey. As part of this work, last Wednesday we were very fortunate to be joined by a number of senior NHS figures to discuss how the cloud could help alleviate current pressures and be a catalyst for real and lasting change. You can tune into the roundtable discussion hosted by former London Tonight report Emma Walden with NHS Director of Digital Development Dr Sam Shah, GP and founder of the DocAbode platform Dr Taz Aldawoud, Chair of Urgent Health UK Dr Simon Abrams, our very own MD Mr Lee Bryant at We were also fortunate to have contributions on the day from CEO of Digital Health Enterprise Zone Mr Ian Sharp and advisor on urgent healthcare Mr Mark Cockerton.

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20th October 2017

Putting cloud communications on the agenda at Urgent Health UK

Last week, we headed to Birmingham for Urgent Health UK’s (UHUK) annual conference – our seventh year in attendance. A great opportunity to not only reconnect with familiar faces in the out-of-hours and urgent care space, but to hear the latest insights from frontline teams every day addressing the mismatch between demand and resourcing. The theme couldn’t have been more urgent for everyone in the room… ‘Getting to Grips with Integration and Working Together’. As event sponsor we got the chance to share our story, specifically on how we’ve been working with GPs up and down the UK to make flexible working – work.

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12th September 2017

Sesui to Attend 2017 Call Centre and Customer Services Summit

Sesui is excited to be attending the 2017 Call Centre and Customer Services Summit.  Bringing together suppliers, customers and industry experts, the Summit presents a unique opportunity for interactive seminars and valuable networking opportunities to discuss key industry changes and innovations. The event will be held on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th September 2017 at the Hilton, Deansgate, in Manchester.

We will be attending the Summit, showcasing our award winning cloud-based Sesui Cloud Call Managers software, tailor made to help make your voice communications run smoothly.

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4th August 2017

Sesui Sponsors Fifth Jai Memorial Golf Tournament

Each year, Sesui is a proud sponsor of the Jai Memorial Golf Tournament, which, this year, was organised in support of two life-changing charities: Hearts of Oak – The Oak Lodge School Foundation Trust and St Luke’s Hospice. The 2017 event took place on Saturday 15th July at the Aldenham Golf & Country Club and raised more than £3,500.

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1st November 2016

Sesui sponsors UHUK

Gaining operational efficiencies through modern telephony

Urgent health and out of hours services are under increasing pressure to balance the achievement of year-on-year efficiency savings, with the ability to attract and retain a talented workforce happy with a career outside sociable hours. It’s a tall order that has culminated in some negative press for some services of late; change is therefore inevitable, but is it an obligation or an opportunity?

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