We Believe In Going Above And Beyond

We’re involved beyond the job, because we know that our clients provide vital services. They know we won’t stop until we find a solution to their problem. And when they call… we count our response in minutes, not days.

We Believe In Seeing Every Angle

We love a conundrum – it means we’re great at solving the hardest client problems. From the unforeseen to the impossible – we look at the things they hadn’t considered or didn’t even know were possible.

We Believe In Going All In

When our clients place their trust in us, we take it seriously and throw everything behind it.

We Believe In Keeping It Real

We never offer our clients something that has no benefit or that doesn’t solve their problems. We’d rather give an honest picture than over-promise and under-deliver. If that means we’re not right for you, we’re OK with that.

Meet The Team

Sesui are proud to have received our ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management certification following a comprehensive audit from the leading organisation in the field, BSI.

Kudos to Sesui for efficiently delivering a solid, scalable, real-time, flexible and responsive call management solutions across our ever-evolving environment.

“Our customers don’t care where the team is based. All they want to know is that we’re committed to supporting all of our European territories. And thanks to the Sesui Virtual Contact Centre, we’re able to give our customers the service they expect, in their own language.”

When an OHES Environmental customer needs to contact us, it’s critical that they get through. Sesui supplies a level of reliability that means customers can call us and we can immediately meet their needs.

Eight years ago Sesui became one of the stakeholders in our vision for the future, and we made the decision to put our phone system in the cloud. Back then the cloud was a Silicon Valley buzzword and not particularly ‘NHS’. But we did it and very quickly saw results.

We’re one of just a handful of approved communications providers on Practice Index, set up to help practice managers find the very best partners for their organisation.

Practice Index Approved Supplier

If you’re in the public sector, you can purchase our solutions faster and more cost-effectively through the government’s G-Cloud framework, where we’re an approved Crown Commercial Supplier.

Crown commercial service approved

You can rest assured that we have: secure connections, devices and software; controlled access to our data; up-to-date devices; and full protection against viruses and other malware. All fully certified as part of the government’s Cyber Essentials scheme.

Cyber Essentials

With telephone donations increasing year-on-year, it was important our contact centre solution could adapt and grow alongside the St Martin-in-the-Fields Christmas Appeal. Sesui provides us with a high level of insight from the call data, and the team works with us to refine the process for next time.

Call us: 03445 600 600